Go Green in Your Naperville Apartments

Do you care about the future of our Earth and find yourself interested in playing an active role in terms of helping keep it green? There are quite a few things you can do in your Naperville apartments that will help reduce your carbon footprint—meaning, you’ll leave less of an impact on Earth if you decide to make conscientious decisions. This doesn’t require a whole lot of work, but it does require you changing your habits up just a bit. If you need some tips on how to go and stay green in your Naperville apartments, here are some tips that tell you how:

1. Cut down on the plastic/Styrofoam cups and utensils you buy and use real dishes instead. After all, the smaller the pile of trash you create is, the smaller footprint you leave on earth and the less amount you contribute to piles of garbage that may eventually get dumped in the ocean. Although it may feel more convenient to load up on plastic dishware, it’s frankly terrible for the environment.
2. Be brave and grow your own seasoning or fruits and vegetables. Even in your apartments, you’re allowed to bring in little pots that you can have in a section and monitor with the right amount of light and water in order to grow healthy things for yourself. This will emit good CO2 in your department, save you money on groceries and bags/trash/gas associated with groceries, and could encourage fellow visitors in your apartments to do the same.
3. It’s important (and cost-effective) to be conscientious of how you use and abuse your utilities. The great thing about “going green” is that if done so effectively, you’ll be able to save up to hundreds of dollars a year on utilities. Use natural light whenever possible and make sure that lights and fans are turned off if you aren’t in a room. Although it could be tempting to put the AC on at an extreme setting to keep the house cool, try opening windows and using other alternatives to block the sun out of where you live to keep your house cool.

Do you have any tips on going green in your Naperville apartments? Let us know in the comments!