Take the Time to Turkey Bowl!

Turkey Bowl

Thanksgiving marks the return of the wonderfully American and time-honored traditions of the season. From gathering ‘round the table with loved ones, to tucking into that delicious holiday spread, it’s no wonder why many US citizens consider it a favorite. Another noteworthy tradition on this day? Playing (or watching) football! But did you know the history of the Thanksgiving Day Turkey Bowl dates almost as far back as our country’s first celebration of the holiday?

Back to School: Where it All Began

Back in 1869, a mere six years after Turkey Day #1, The Young American Cricket Club and the Germantown Cricket Club played a noteworthy match against each other in Philadelphia, PA; this would begin a trend in another prominent city. In New York, from 1876 to 1881, the Princeton team would compete against Yale’s every Thanksgiving. It was clear to see that Thanksgiving Day football was slowly starting to stick. And when the Intercollegiate Football Association officially recognized holiday football in 1882, the rest became history. Today, football on Thanksgiving is a staple of this country’s culture, just as American as apple pie! But where did the name “Turkey Bowl” come from? Well, when high school leagues started to coin their games after the delectably prepared bird many Americans enjoy ‘round that dinner table, the custom was set!

Turkey Bowl From Home

With the NFL promising three thrilling matches this November 28th, you definitely won’t have any problem looking for football games to watch on Thanksgiving! Tune in throughout the day, and catch these matches: Chicago Bears v. Detroit Lions, Buffalo Bills v. Dallas Cowboys, and New Orleans Saints v. Atlanta Falcons. Check out what time the matches are airing beforehand, so you can sit back, relax with the family, and cheer on your favorite teams as they duke it out on the field.

More Seasonal Celebrations

While watching from the comfort of your couch is nice, sometimes enjoying football with sportier fans can up the natural energy of the game. Thankfully, the Naperville, IL sports bar crowds are sure to be booming for football season. Check out this list for just a selection of neighborhood spots that’ll be perfect for watching the game with new friends (or friendly rivals!). Sip a brew (or two!) and indulge in some pub fare if your stomach can handle it. Rather throw a Turkey Bowl of your own? Why not plan a neighborhood match at a park close to home? That way, you can spread some togetherness and good-natured competition with your fellow residents!
If you’re not sure what day is Thanksgiving 2019, be sure to keep November 28th marked on your calendar. Whether you prefer to watch the pros duke it out from the comfort of home, on a barstool with a beer, or decide to toss the pigskin yourself with family and neighbors at 803 Corday, you might just feel a little closer to the American roots of the holiday this year. Happy Thanksgiving!