Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Apartments in Naperville

This year get in the spirit of spring cleaning by making a fun, energizing playlist on Spotify, Pandora, or YouTube. This will help ease the time as you go around your apartments and give them the love they deserve.
Whether you are new to the whole concept of spring cleaning or you’ve been doing it ritualistically for a while now, you can always benefit to learn new tips. Check out this website for twenty amazing tips that will have your apartment feel like the oasis it should be in no time.

It’s important to do spring cleaning BEFORE spring actually gets here so you can rid your house of dust and other pesky allergens that may affect your immune system. Maybe put a day or weekend aside in late February or early March to begin spring cleaning.

If you have a particular task or room that needs tending to but you need some help, consult someone on the app Task Rabbit. This app allows you to connect with locals interested in doing physical labor for you at a relatively cheap price. If you don’t feel comfortable having a stranger in your home, then perhaps it’s time to just make a killer playlist and throw yourself into it!

Thanksgiving in Naperville, IL

It’s easy to be excited this time of year, with the holidays around the corner there so much to do. Around this time of year the city comes to life with all the fun and festive activities they have during the holidays. With friends and family visiting you’ll want something more than just Thanksgiving dinner to show them a good time. If you’re looking to have a good time during the Thanksgiving holiday, here’s a list of things you can go to or get involved in.


There are many local charities and churches that like to serve meals to the less fortunate during the holiday season. Stop by one of the charities and help give back. Grab your friends or family and show you’re thankful by helping someone else. Look up local charities or churches in your area and sign up to give back.

Local Parades

Some neighborhoods will host local parades during the holiday filled with floats, bands, local officials, and organizations. Take your family to the parade and watch all the exciting festive sights, and socialize with fellow parade goers. You’ll have a blast being out there and celebrating Thanksgiving

Whatever you decide to get into for the holidays it’s important to remember to be safe, and to have fun.