Ice Cream Vacation- 803 Corday

During summer we all have our ways of keeping cool. Some go take a dip in a nice pool. Some may sit under a nice tree at the park or on private patio. For us, we like to indulge in the frozen oasis known as Ice Cream. The treat being divvied up by parlors and restaurants for decades now has been successfully satisfying patrons with its sweet taste and rich textures with ease. Although times have changed, the enjoyment has not however what has changed is well…ice cream itself. 

Get Your Ice Cream Education 

For the love of ice cream, we have decided to give a little education on the transition of ice cream. Yes we know its summer but we love ice cream so much we’ll call this a fun learn. Ice cream , as popular as it is, has had a couple renovations throughout the years which have increased its notoriety.  From fruity based Sorbet, to creamy Italian-esque Gelato , ice cream has made itself available to an expanded audience blowing all other frozen treats out of the water! For more on these popular ice cream types click here


Being an ice cream chef sounds like a dream. Curating delicious creations with mouthwatering flavors like chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry have got to be one of the best ways to spend your day especially after seeing the smiling faces and excited from customers. Well by following a short process known as The 2 Ingredient Method, you will be well on your way to a delicious ice cream creation of your own. 


Finding ice cream locally is a plus because it lets you know that you can find some of your favorite types  and not have to travel too far from home. Kilwins Chocolates & Ice Cream offers traditional ice cream and specialty desserts you are sure to love.  If you’re looking to try a delicious rolled creation, stop by Munchies Rolled Ice Cream. Featuring classic and creative flavors with choice toppings you’ll be guaranteed to leave satisfied. 


Now that the summer vibes are coming through strong its time to get in alignment with all things according to the season. Be sure to treat yourself to some delicious ice cream this July in celebration of National Ice Cream Month!